Monday, February 15, 2010

Radon TEE

Radon Tee is a little t-shirt that is making its way across our country to increase radon awareness, testing and mitigation in the hopes of saving lives by preventing future radon-induced lung cancer deaths. Most people don't think they are living with this silent killer in their home. They don't think it could possibly be in their home. I urge you to test your home because that is the only way you will know if you have this deadly uninvited guest living with you. Radon-induced lung cancer takes the lives of up to 25,000 people each year and this can be prevented if we can just get everyone to perform a simple test and if the level is high install a radon mitigation system to reduce the radon level to provide a safer environment. Laws should reflect the real danger of living with high levels of radon and provide the necessary preventive measures to stop the greatest environmental cancer killer of all--radon gas. Hopefully this litte t-shirt will help spread the message of the Cancer Survivors Against Radon and that radon-induced lung cancer can be prevented and lives can be saved.

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